Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flowers for February and March

It is a great time of year for blooms and I have found a few great examples in my yard to share with you. The bulbs are really popping up and I will share a few of my favorites. If you didn't plant this year, take a look next fall in your local garden center and grab a handful of one of these varieties if you haven't planted already or buy one in bloom and it will be back next year at this time with a bloom or two or three..
Red and yellow freesia with peppermint geranium
Freesia: These bulbs are perfect for the Southern California climate and always flower this time of the year consistently. I had the kids at school learning what the flowers look like so that they can begin to really identify the plants as they are gearing up to flower. Freesias smell wonderful (some more than others), and are perfect for pots. I love planting yellow, purple, and the red ones really pop!

Chartreuse breath of heaven
Breath of Heaven is just going crazy this month. I love the chartreuse one because it stands out more in the garden than the darker green one...but this one plant is more about the dainty pink flowers this time of year.
Geum pops a flower

Another one that I really don't see very much is Geum...mine is still looking a bit shaggy, because it wants to be in a shadier location, but they still have these darling, delicate little blooms in orange or red. I've seen these cute flowers featured in murals in Italian restaurants for some reason. I distinctly remember seeing one in a mural within the walls of a great Italian restaurant in Montreal, Canada.

Pink and yellow and burgundy ixia
 Ixia This showstopper is from South Africa and they really add drama with their beautiful blooms this month. They're in all sorts of colors. I've also had bright yellow and black ones. They don't always seem to do many repeat performances like freesia do. It seems that after a year or two or three, they peter out and don't rebloom.

If you have a unique favorite, let me know. By the way, Easy to Grow bulbs is a great local company that you can buy bulbs from. I'll try to profile a few more on my next post.

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